01 July 2014

Last post here!

Hey everyone, it's been quite a while. I haven't stopped working, but I'm migrating everything over to my new site(s).

From here on out, new work will be appearing here:

Here's a sneak peek of things to come:

26 October 2013

Something a little different. These are paintings done during a plein air painting class in LA taught by Ruo Li. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from him, I highly recommend it!

(The middle one suffered a slight casualty as a result of trying to fly with wet oil paintings)

22 October 2013

Ghosts in the Machine: Bungie Art Show in Seattle

The Bungie Art Team is having a show at the LTD Gallery in Seattle! 

If you happen to be in the area, drop by and see some new artwork! Jaime Jones, Dorje Bellbrook, Jesse van Dijk,Ryan DeMita, Joe Cross, Darren Bacon, Isaac Hannaford, Frank Capezutto and myself will all have pieces on display.

Opening reception is this Thursday, October 24th at 6pm, and the show will run through November 3rd. 

17 September 2013


Having some fun after replaying Shinobi III.

A little background music:

05 June 2012

Black Moth PMC

Finally got around to finishing these up! Having some trouble with blogger right now, so slightly higher res versions can be found at my CGHub page.

01 February 2012

13 May 2011


Just having a little fun...

02 May 2011

Dirty Soldier

Time to start updating this thing again!